Vision Core, Inc.
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Providing Quality Special Education and Psychological Services

 Vision Core, Inc. (VCI)  is a full-service special education provider performing quality, cost-effective services to charter, public, private and probation schools.  

Vision Core believes that every student, regardless of his or her challenges, should have the opportunity to succeed in school.  Students need support to develop a vision of who they are and who they want to become.  VCI utilizes innovative approaches to reach today's youth and reconnect them to a love of learning.  VCI assists students in transforming their visions into academic success.  


Address parent concerns and requests for special education services.

Provide professional development, training and consultation.

Utilize innovative technology to increase test scores of students receiving special education services.

Align special education services with Common Core State Standards.

Cost Savings

Reduce encroachment fees on the general education budget.

Lower costs of health benefits and worker's compensation insurance.

Improve access to Educationally Related Intensive Counseling Services (ERICS).